Save Our Small Businesses!

Prop H will streamline permitting to help our City’s small businesses survive the pandemic and recession.
300+ of our City’s restaurants have closed permanently, and 1,700+ more could close by the end of 2020.

Prop H Will Help Save Our Small Businesses
(without raising our taxes!)

1. Streamline Permit Approval
  • Permits will be issued in 30 days*
  • Streamlined neighborhood noticing
  • Expedited inspections*
  • Additional reviews will be expedited without additional cost to owners
2. Fill Vacant Storefronts
  • Restaurants can secure permits within 30 days (currently 12 months)
  • Vacant storefronts in commercial corridors will be brought to life with arts activities and nonprofits currently struggling to survive
  • Upper floors will house professional services small businesses, like lawyers, accountants, etc.
*For uses allowed by zoning
Prop H allows any provision of the measure to be amended after three years by a simple majority through normal legislation at the Board of Supervisors.

Help save our small businesses who are closing at record numbers during this pandemic.

Vote Yes on H!

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The Latest


Hear directly from San Francisco small business owners on why they support voting Yes on H to save our small businesses.
Manny Yekutiel
Owner of Manny’s, The Mission
Lawanda Dickerson
Owner of U3 Fit, Bayview
Sharky Laguana
Founder and CEO of Bandago, Potrero Hill
The Wang Family
Owners of Wang Insurance, Outer Sunset


Elected Officials
London Breed
Scott Wiener
David Chiu
Phil Ting
Malia Cohen
Board of Equalization Member
Carmen Chu
Matt Haney
Rafael Mandelman
Gordon Mar
Hillary Ronen
Ahsha Safai
Catherine Stefani
Tom Temprano
City College Trustee
Alex Randolph
City College Trustee
Jenny Lam
Board of Education Member
Janice Li
BART Director
David Campos, San Francisco Democratic Party Chair
Board of Education Commissioner Stevon Cook
Small Business Commission President Sharky Laguana*
Small Business Commission Vice President Miriam Zouzounis*
Small Business Commissioner Manny Yekutiel*
Stephen Adams, Small Business Commissioner*
Kathleen Dooley, Small Business Commissioner*
Cynthia Huie, Small Business Commissioner*
Ben Bleiman, Entertainment Commission President*
Cyn Wang, Entertainment Commissioner*
Steven Lee, Entertainment Commissioner*
Sophia Andary, Commissioner - Commission on the Status of Women*
Julie D. Soo, Commissioner - Commission on the Status of Women*
Roberto Hernandez, Our Mission No Eviction
Greg Flores

*Titles are for identification purposes only

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1. Michael Moritz ($100,000)
2. Facebook, Inc. ($50,000)
3. Jason Moment ($50,000)
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